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Financial Collapse - DreamerOracle - 07-21-2019

Hi All

I have spent a week trying to work out my latest dream as all I got was:

4, 8s...

That was it, just that, I was extremely puzzled, that was until I remembered a video I watched about World Corporate debt, Interest Rates, Gold, Bitcoin and the fall of the Dollar, Those in the short informative news item had said it would be around "8 Weeks" before a collapse/crash.

So 4, 8s being 32 weeks?

I'm not sure, I know it's coming and as in a previous dream I was told "Soon".

That would make it now 31 weeks to go.

On a lighter note and just to add I also had this one today:

21 July 2019, I was discussing what planets were around our nearest star and the difficulties of observing them... I decided to interrupt the conversation and asked why they didn't use my method. I projected myself through space, I came up to what looked like a model of all the planets in the system... 4 gas giants 1. Light Blue 2. Brown dark 3. Light Brown 4. Orange, behind them, were numerous other smaller planets so I decided to look for the Earthlike planet and there it was... Huge in comparison to Earth half the size of one of the Gas Giants, predominantly Ocean but with small land masses scattered around its surface, it had an atmosphere as I could see weather and clouds with the blue ocean peeking through from time to time.

Quite entertaining, now whether that's true or not I haven't a clue.

RE: Financial Collapse - Cassandra - 07-21-2019

Thank you so much for posting!!!

RE: Financial Collapse - JAWSAWTIKAL - 08-05-2019

Stock market down a lot today. I had a dream Evelyn Rothschild said it was 6 to 8 weeks until the big crash so a timeline from mid September until the first of October. It looks like there is no way they turn this around now for extra time now not with a steeper yield curve getting steeper.

RE: Financial Collapse - Eagle1 - 08-05-2019

The timing seems to match. Someone needs to look at the astrology in 8 weeks

RE: Financial Collapse - JAWSAWTIKAL - 08-14-2019

It was not a good day financially all across the board. 30 year treasury hit the lowest point it ever has reached today and 2 year is almost even with 10 year treasury...almost a fully inverted yield curve now. Deutsche stock price down to 6.71 and dow jones is down 800 points today at the close of the bell.

RE: Financial Collapse - Eagle1 - 08-14-2019

Thanks for all your updates!

RE: Financial Collapse - JAWSAWTIKAL - 08-15-2019

I looked at bonds on CNBC bonds a few minutes ago and now the 2 year is higher than 10 year and now the 3 month is higher than the 30 it's complete yield curve inversion now. Last time I seen the 30 year was down to 1.97 and it's never been below 2 ever in history. I don't know maybe it's 6 to 8 weeks of a stock market and bond crash instead of 6 to 8 weeks until a crash because it's too painfully obvious this is not going a good direction.

RE: Financial Collapse - Eagle1 - 08-15-2019

Records in the making

RE: Financial Collapse - twiceblessed9 - 08-16-2019

Financial words are now in the the bot runs, not surprising. What is surprising is they also seem to be pared with food words. So, I would say this may really start effecting people.

RE: Financial Collapse - JAWSAWTIKAL - 08-23-2019

Well so much for the pumping up of everything deutsche stock at 6.36 and yields fell again plus 600 points on the stock market.

RE: Financial Collapse - Eagle1 - 08-23-2019

Meant to post it here...

This is big and looks like the beginning of the dollar drop. Behold the crumbling as egos flare.

RE: Financial Collapse - JAWSAWTIKAL - 09-11-2019

Trump said he would hold off on the China tariffs for 2 weeks today.

RE: Financial Collapse - JAWSAWTIKAL - 09-16-2019

The strikes on Saudi oil seems to have started a a prolonged rise in oil seeing how there was several months damage done to Saudi oil depot. According to bix weir road to roota on you tube this brings over a trillion of derivitives into play now. According to zero hedge this has caused a spike in the repo market which is related to market liquidity(which seems to drying up).

RE: Financial Collapse - JAWSAWTIKAL - 09-17-2019

The repo rate hit an all time high within 24 hours of today and the fed used over 50 billion in an overnight move to keep the big banks liquid and the repo rate didn't go down as much as they expected, either(it was on zero hedge).

RE: Financial Collapse - JAWSAWTIKAL - 09-19-2019

The third day in a row that the fed has had to put money into the repo market. It's up to 84 billion now total bailout and the liquidity situation is getting worse not better according to zero hedge.

RE: Financial Collapse - Eagle1 - 09-19-2019

We got our second fat bike, aka getaway vehicle, for just in case...

RE: Financial Collapse - JAWSAWTIKAL - 09-20-2019

Now they(the fed) are going to keep the money line open to the banks until October 10, 2019.

RE: Financial Collapse - JAWSAWTIKAL - 09-23-2019

There was a collapse of British travel firm today Thomas Cook went belly up today leaving people stranded who were on vacation and 21,000 jobs are gone now. It's the most awesome economy ever, Right?

RE: Financial Collapse - JAWSAWTIKAL - 09-25-2019

According to zero hedge the demand for 92 billion in repo money today so it looks like it's getting worse. The reality is that some these banks probably have already failed but are getting life support from the fed right now. An even bigger bailout is going to be needed after the 14 day operation is over.

RE: Financial Collapse - Eagle1 - 09-25-2019

Are we on the predicted timeline (circa 9/30/19), or are they able to stave off the inevitable much longer?