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Birth dream, 5.18.2020 am - Cassandra - 05-18-2020

Dream of a co-worker who works in a different location from myself. It's rare that I ever speak directly with her. I've only seen her thru Webex or spoken with her on the phone. Dreamed she gave birth and was leaving the hospital without her baby. I was walking out of the hospital with her. I ask, are you okay leaving without your baby? She said, yes. I thought, how odd that she is having a baby at her age.

When I signed on to work this morning, I see a company wide email from this person. We have a new website to access, for work I do sometimes. And yes, it's her new baby. I had no idea about the new website, so was funny for me to see it in my email this morning. Big Grin

RE: Birth dream, 5.18.2020 am - twiceblessed9 - 05-19-2020

Love how dreams tell us information in interesting ways. Thanks for sharing.