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Volcanoe dream - twiceblessed9 - 05-30-2020

Last night I dreamt a volcano erupted unexpectedly in the neighborhood I used to live in Los Angeles on a hill. The volcano was huge and lava was pouring down on all sides it seemed. I was trying to get to my house, I was aware people in the area were trapped but there was no way to get there. I am putting this here in case there is a large eruption in the near future.

RE: Volcanoe dream - Cassandra - 05-30-2020

Scary dream. Did it feel like a premonition?

RE: Volcanoe dream - twiceblessed9 - 05-31-2020

If felt like it could be. I am not sure where it would be located though.
(05-30-2020, 06:18 PM)Cassandra Wrote: Scary dream. Did it feel like a premonition?