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Kamala in White House - Maat - 04-12-2021

I dreamt last night the Bidens sort of faded away, and new tenants were moving into the White House.  Lots of family members, like a Royal Family, all moving into the White House.  I was looking at the list of projects and people moving in.  Healthcare showed up on the list.  I was confused why Healthcare would have a prominent place in the White House.  Next, Kamala Harris went off on a "stunt".  She leapt onto a moving raft in a canal.  I saw helicopters and a small jet take off, as part of the stunt.  They seemed to be going to Alaska.  I think the stunt did not go well.  She returns to the White House.  She walks in and sits in a large Queen Anne chair, with wingbacks and arm rests, located in the corner, facing the center of the room.  The chair is a light gold fabric.

Not sure why I had this dream the night after completing a Reiki course?

RE: Kamala in White House - DreamerOracle - 04-15-2021

I had a similar dream some time ago I know someone like her wins an election in 29? Who knows maybe she takes over towards the end of Biden's term and wins the following election in 24/25... (Two Terms) situations and events permitting that is.

RE: Kamala in White House - JAWSAWTIKAL - 04-15-2021

Biden is not in great shape physically and it wouldn't be any big suprise if she took over for him.