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Earthwork for highway intersection - calyn - 09-12-2021

Dream early a.m. 9-11-21

Another person and I were walking from one little town
to another. I seemed to be accompanying this young
person. There were nothing but open fields. It was
pleasant walking. Gently rolling hills.

Then we suddenly came to an area where there was major
highway construction at an intersection. Some of the
concrete roadway was already in place leading to it.
Much raw earth. Much un-resolved earthwork. There was
obviously a lot of that to be done before any more
concrete was to be laid. No other people were present,
no machinery movement, seemed to be rather dark so we
came upon this area during off hours.

My young friend was concerned that we were not going to
be able to cross this intersection and go on. She
pointed to where a section that was running parallel to
our direction seemed to meet head-on another roadway
crossing ours making a T tilted on its side. So there
was no highway heading to our left at all, only coming
from our right or headed straight ahead.

I smiled and told her not to worry that probably the
plan was to elevate this section to cross over that
other roadway. (I knew this because I had been in on
this sort of designing in real life so I pretty much
could figure out what they had planned for this area.)
That those who drew up the plans already knew that
there was going to be a problem here. It was going to
take a good while to get it all done.

All this while I was shaking my head and saying to
myself Whomever was the planner had quite a problem to
solve with what looked to me was going to wind up being
a very involved spaghetti-type intersection. I marveled
at their work.

End of dream.

EPILOGUE, a few hours later—same day..

I’m In a gathering with this young person/friend(?) and
a largish group of people that we had connections to in
some way, although I did not find them familiar. It
seems that we’d gotten past the intersection, walked
aways more and now found ourselves in a huge meeting
hall with this group. A community was being planned. I
was not directly involved in the planning nor was this
young person. We are more closely connected/related to
each other yet still belonging to the group.

Another youngish woman, but a little older than my
little friend, enters the gathering from somewhere
outside. She begins taking over, giving orders and
dominating the discussions. I don’t recall what she’s
saying or directing, but it goes on for a while. The
group tolerates her intervention for a while, then
cannot ignore her any longer. She’s repeatedly told her
plans won’t work with how the group plans to proceed
going forward with arrangements for the community.

She ignores them and keeps insisting that everyone
agree to form the community as she has laid out. It
becomes evident to the group that she is somehow a
deliberate disruption. One of the men picks her up and
carries her, bound and gagged, to the door.

End of dream.

RE: Earthwork for highway intersection - Maat - 09-13-2021

Hello Calyn, Interesting dreams - what is your interpretation? Thanks.