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Four months and 6 days. - calyn - 03-09-2023

A dream I had a few mornings ago--on or about 4 March '23.
A man very much resembling my handyman (who passed a
month or so back) was propped up in what resembled a
hospital bed. His words were “We’ve got four months
and 6 days.”
That was all. And as he said them, I saw the words as
if printed out.
What I’ve learned is that if something so specific
appears in a dream, one had best pay attention.

Not only did he like to play the stock market, was
jabbed and up to date on latest jabs and had Covid
twice, but bragged about making $10k on Moderna vax
So does the dream refer to a coming economic bust or
another round of a covid-like virus?
Or something else?
Whatever it is, it doesn't have the feel of anything