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11/02/14 Moons + Jackson + Murdering Waves - Eagle1 - 11-02-2014

Sort 2.0 (This is not a permanent new sort, but one that produces an alarming group of words, and I want to test it’s efficacy in this case.

For this particular run, if you couldn’t already tell, the whole run is sorted by the watch words, which will get confusing if I try to explain why our almost-red flag word (Village) ends up near the bottom. Village surged 3,300% today, but there were other problems with it that prevented me from declaring the red (or yellow) flags. In fact, there were two separate problems with the word.

“Jackson” was inches away from it’s own red flag, and it was just inches away from a level 1, which makes this a very special word. The only problem is that it can be a location (Mississippi, Wyoming, etc.) or a very common name.

…and then there’s “Morgan.” Hmmmm, just not sure how to address that one. It seems to be out on its own with pretty nice statistics but nothing that stands out as “wow.” Probably the biggest news of all is the continued surging of celestial bodies. Notice how “moon” and “moons” both increase. I was particularly surprised at the plural version increasing much more than the singular version.

Lastly, look at grouping #2. Perhaps our big wave meme is here. Does Village imply a remote place like Hawaii? Remember that Hawaii was in the middle of yesterday’s run, and that alone is significant because it’s never even been in our top tier results. So, is it connected to the definite wave meme today? If so, is all this connected to the “huge wave” meme we’ve been talking about in the other forum threads?


Plain text version for sorting:

RE: 11/02/14 Moons + Jackson + Murdering Waves - Nanny - 11-02-2014

Wasn't the word "chip" in yesterday's run, too? I'll look in a moment. I think so.
"Village" well there's..."Waikaloa Village" I think, on the big island where Hawaii has most of its quakes and for sure the biggest ones. Plus, the lava flow at Pahoa? the news keeps talking about has been in the national news for days, now.
The big island of Hawaii is overdue for quakes even over 7.0 so the wave could sure figure in with the Hawaii and maybe, village terms. Chile and Alaska, I think, have had Great quakes that caused bad tsunamis on that island. Also, if that island has a big-enough quake that, of course can cause a bad tsunami on same island.

Wow, I'm coming back to this one. Not getting a lot, wrong as I could be, or right.

RE: 11/02/14 Moons + Jackson + Murdering Waves - TreeSister - 11-02-2014

Something I heard yesterday was that the lava in Hawai’i was flowing straight toward one village … don’t recall if the name, or if it was mentioned.  Certainly a wave of lava headed its way.

RE: 11/02/14 Moons + Jackson + Murdering Waves - Eagle1 - 11-02-2014

Yep, TreeSister...just looked it up. This is what you'd call "Day Residue." Even though many in the mainland US probably haven't heard of it, the lava started invading the Hawaiian village on the 31st of Oct, 2 days prior to this run. So, unless there's another wave type, I think this run is for the most part, accounted for.

RE: 11/02/14 Moons + Jackson + Murdering Waves - tede - 11-02-2014

Morgan could be J.P. Morgan or Chase bank.

RE: 11/02/14 Moons + Jackson + Murdering Waves - Eagle1 - 11-02-2014

Yikes, tede! What a great point, and think this would definitely have a possibility of showing up in the news with the word, "Hero," but on the opposite side, I wouldn't consider Morgan a hero by any stretch of the imagination. Therefore, this could negate this sorting algorithm! Smile

RE: 11/02/14 Moons + Jackson + Murdering Waves - ybul0229 - 11-03-2014

morgan and hero could be the morgan in fla championing medical mj

RE: 11/02/14 Moons + Jackson + Murdering Waves - ybul0229 - 11-03-2014

RE: 11/02/14 Moons + Jackson + Murdering Waves - esholars - 11-04-2014

Oh no! Hide Your Children! Michael Jackson Cloned!

RE: 11/02/14 Moons + Jackson + Murdering Waves - Nanny - 12-08-2014

Jackson! the doctor's name is JACKSON! wondered when that would fulfill and it has. Will there be more news on BO's supposed health? and Jackson in the news more? Probably!

November many days? Aha! editing this in...37 days! least starting.....