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KimSpirit's Trophy Case - Eagle1 - 01-18-2015

Validated Precognition #01 for KimSpirit

We verified this precognitive dream which predicted: new island

Links for Documentation:

Dream Link (2015-01-13)

News Link (2015-01-17)

(Score Format = WHAT-WHERE-WHEN)

WHAT: 3.5 out of 5 -- The news article describes a small new island that just appears, belched up out of the sea. In the dream, the main theme is being told to look out for an island. The subject (small island) is a direct match, but the verb has to be inferred. Therefore, we use metaphor grading criteria and begin with a 4.0, subtracting .5 for the undeclared metaphor. Thus, 3.5

WHERE: 0 out of 5 -- No location attempted.

WHEN: 4 out of 5 -- When there is no date attempted or declared in the dream, we default to the date the dream took place. This news took place just three days after the dream. Thus, 4 points for being within a week.

Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 3.5 - 0 - 4
- Well done, KimSpirit!!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to