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Dead Nurse, oh no…dead chef. - G0'D - 02-07-2015

So this is another one liner, I have theories about these, just before you wake up "shouty" images, words that have been happening to me. But here is not the place perhaps. So again, just before i woke this morning at 5, i had a long elaborate interesting dream….totally gone now, but just before waking a vivid image of this happened.


In my dream it was a dead nurse, with black bobbed hair (i don't know why I think asian woman, but I do) lying face down on a tiled floor, kinda like one of those joke chalked out "crime scene" markers you see on telly. White coat, with snappers up the side to the shoulder and straight light blue scrubs and white clog shoes. when i woke i said why dead nurse? Then it occurred to me this is also the fairly modern chef attire for women and men. Fitted white coat with those chef clogs, very similar to nurses possibly.

And thats it……again these blast images or sounds or words are disappearing my main dreams.

RE: Dead Nurse, oh no…dead chef. - Eagle1 - 02-07-2015

Uh oh, there's that covered in white meme. Lookout for the next ebola strain or whatever they design next to either kill us off or get us to accept yet another vaccine. The virus de jour.

RE: Dead Nurse, oh no…dead chef. - Maysea - 02-09-2020

Dreamer has impression of nurse being Asian
Corona virus 2019?