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3/18/15 Risk is UP; Truth Changed - Eagle1 - 03-18-2015

Today is another first. We’re most certainly NOT in a lull, but the scores sure make it look that way. I guess the dreamscape wants us to realize that the GED is back. I did a quick search to find out that the GED is apparently harder to pass now:

Group 1 says that our “RISK is UP.”

Groups 2 and 3 seem to go together. We have another lingo that suggests truth is going to be changed. The last lingo phrase associated with this was “Wrecked Truths” on March 6th:   So, compare that with today, and we see MINIature CRAZY STUFF (particle experiments) end up CHANGING the underlying TRUTH (or what was previously thought of as truth). Heck, I bet it was a mainstream truth that in the 1980’s (right before the world wide web was invented by CERN) that billions of people could not be sharing information across the world in real time. That truth got wrecked for sure.

And now Group 3 is taking off the veil once again! APPEARING LOSE SPIRITUAL WRAPPING. Is it just me, or has all of March seemed to be very spiritually driven? How about March 2nd: “International Peace, Spiritual Loss” and “Snakes Arrived.” What exactly is our wrapping in today’s run? Is it a protective barrier or something that controls us? Ooooh, or how about BOTH!

[Image: 20150318%20lose%20spiritual%20wrapping.jpg]

UP Words:     ged back glasses nope risk up henry daughter acting cartoon train mid mini crazy stuff changed truth maybe watching mansion notified one were rating there hurry remove bed appearing lose spiritual wrapping has
DOWN Words:   public loss read begin bathroom fire dreamed shared happen resolution snake agent swimming sat colors male error ivory office brought quick boyfriend garage cool yesterday ride spent potion successful info thanks explain flooded sun

RE: 3/18/15 Risk is UP; Truth Changed - esholars - 03-18-2015

yesterday while looking up some things on the net I noticed that many site links are now cached and/or removed, does this mean that the knowledge/history is being/has been changed?
I am finding that things I read last month are now changed, little things are different and large articles are gone.
Has the time line been repaired, is this the cause or have the new internet rules caused this?
Do I need new medications or is this stuff real?

RE: 3/18/15 Risk is UP; Truth Changed - Eagle1 - 03-18-2015

You know what, esholars? I have actually experienced this myself, at a very minute level. I've also noticed some things being extremely easy while other things that used to be easy are now nearly impossible. All my examples are while doing work on the internet, but I won't bore everyone with my useless examples. I like to think that the impossible tasks are those that needed to fall away from my life/time/effort, so I don't resist and just let them float on by. Meds won't help this phenomenon, esholars Smile

RE: 3/18/15 Risk is UP; Truth Changed - esholars - 03-18-2015

group 2 -2

Mar 16, 2015 @ 9:30 PM
Incredible New 3D Printing Technique Looks Like Sci-Fi

mini-Eiffel Tower emerging from a vat of blue liquid in just six minutes.

RE: 3/18/15 Risk is UP; Truth Changed - twiceblessed9 - 03-18-2015

In the loser section, (male error ivory office), I would think that means a male made an error at the white house/oval office. I wonder what type of error? Perhaps it has to do with (secret agent swimming), which might have to do with the Secret Service White House incident with the crash. I am sure the agent in charge the day of the accident at the W. H. is "swimming" very fast and trying to keep his job .

Well, never mind. I just realized I read snake agent and secret agent.