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walmart, flood - still - 04-25-2015

im at walmart again. This time im shopping for shirts. They have all the shirts that are left on 1 rack and they are all clearance. Im looking for 2x’s?  theres someone else looking too. Someone or multiple people have made a huge mess ransacking the shirts. Theres an employee trying to organize them so  im trying to organize them also as I look, but this other person is being weird about it. I cant tell if hes upset that im being slow about looking or if hes worried im going to find one that he missed…

next im flying over a scene where what looks like a massive river has flooded over.  I see people in front of the rushing water and im afraid for them because they will be swept away. the river takes trees and boulders.  it approaches what looks like a small village and takes the crude little buildings with it.