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Asteroid Near Miss for May 15
Near miss with gigantic asteroid coming this Thursday
Great, more tornadoes and hurricanes. But where?
(05-12-2015, 10:44 AM)Eagle1 Wrote: Great, more tornadoes and hurricanes. But where?

It's an asteroid, silly.
Yes, exactly. I'm a periodic reader of Dr. James Mccanney's work, and he talks many times how big heavenly bodies affect the electromagnetic field on earth, which causes all sorts of weather-related disasters. IN fact, in his research, he insists that a NEAR MISS of something big, such as an asteroid or comet, would produce much more devastation than if it actually collides with the earth. His hypothesis is that the dinosaurs were wiped out from a near miss, probably associated with a pole reversal as a consequence.
Aha! Now I get it...... Yes.

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