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5/28/15 Airplane Crash + Satan's Pew
Trending:     pew battery satan iron guessing airplane wed played class sucking halfway animal weekly had crash alive response caused form up relationship dutch remove killing wife self arm crush particular birthday arms tube accept

Waning Dream Words:   follow tiny pull empty song brain important eye van stuff sat catch appear chased weird bike desk sent mirror office gold nat hide cool definitely mon drunk series decision smell sun taylor browsing request snake

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
What if the Church (PEW) is actually giving power (BATTERY) to SATAN? Never mind. Pew is high enough for a Red Alert, but doesn’t have support.

Instead, we’re looking at a possible Airplane Crash. Look at the blue arrows that are scattered across the run. Looks to be a Pressure problem, which might cause the crash.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

OMG, WINDY! That explains the PEW as well!!

This news is yet another big change in the Catholic ideology. However, some research papers make a pretty compelling connection between Planned Parenthood and depopulation/eugenics agendas (aka, Satan, which is also in our run.)

So, this news of yours is fully connected to what I interpreted, Windy! I said, "What if the Church (PEW) is actually giving power (BATTERY) to SATAN?"

'nough said, eh?

FYI: this is not an example of a bot coming true, nor is it really 'day residue,' since this news isn't big time headlines. HOWEVER, this IS an example of the bot showing us the news that is most important. IMO, it's spot on, and one also should notice how the dreambot highlighted a potential underlying agenda. That's not the first time we've seen this! Smile

Well, this was a little first at NDC for me...I typed a couple of lines and my little finger on right hand got a, spasm? LOL and I hit some buttons that backspaced me, losing it, anyway.

I had written, speak of demons and their head leader gets front-row attention? Apparently so.

I think we oughta watch CERN, their schedule, news and bulletins (on separate webpages) to see if they are going to do anything unique or really powerful. Will there be an airplane crash when they do? With
"airplane had crash alive response caused form up" being the reason.

"Pew battery satan" is huge and oh boy the folks back home would really not like hearing this---that I dare to admit that heck yeah, some pews give energy to the evil one, of course they do it ignorantly for they are fooled/emotionally lost in religion. PLEASE readers note I said "some!" way do I mean to be insulting all or even most churches. It's not the churches fault, nor those that are members. satan would not "be" who he is if he failed to do some of his best work inside the organizations that intend on glorifying God. *yes, IMO, all of this.

There's "tube" again. CERN came to mind last time this word was in a run, so I googled to find talk of a CERN tube issue. No, didn't prove anything and yet it was maybe a hit at the time.

"arm" and "arms?" about a wife? is she in Holland?

Gonna read y'all. Wowzers to this run, too.

"van stuff sat catch appear chased" will this be a headline of homemade bombs or something along this line, but thankfully they will be chased and caught??

What? "taylor" again?? still?? We have 3 hits on taylor already, so....Eagle1....a huge "taylor" headline may be coming, besides the smaller/other hits? I think as usual you are right. "taylor" isn't going away.

Lets take a look at the word BATTERY
Full Definition of BATTERY
a : the act of battering or beating
b : an offensive touching or use of force on a person without the person's consent — compare assault 2a
[Middle French batterie, from battre to beat]
a : a grouping of artillery pieces for tactical purposes
b : the guns of a warship
: an artillery unit in the army equivalent to a company
a : a combination of apparatus for producing a single electrical effect
b : a group of two or more cells connected together to furnish electric current; also : a single cell that furnishes electric current
c plural : level of energy or enthusiasm
a : a number of similar articles, items, or devices arranged, connected, or used together : set, series

b : a usually impressive or imposing group : array

If we think of Pew Battery together, it could be an imposing group of Church/ religious people. It could be Pew Battery vs. Iron Satan.
The Pew is on the receiving end of battery from Satan who is like Iron
Lets add airplane . There is an off chance that the pew is actually a row of airpane seats and the airplane pew (and the people in it) are being battered in the sky with a Satan Like Iron something. Lightning? Turbulence? Crash? Maybe the battery is "lightning", striking the plane.
I just found this - PEW Charitable Trusts.

Two stories linked with "battery".

Building a better battery that improves the electricity grid:

And this one supporting Walmart and their move to go eco-friendly and discouraging the use of Battery Cages with animals used for food:
Time for a little bot experiment. There's no way I can get hits repeatedly, so gotta play with this to see the reality of it, or to what level of absurdity Big Grin this could go to.

I want to see the bot talk about our fearless leader's Big Dream Conference Presentation. Will it be the trip? presentation itself, laptop fun while he's there, or whatever aspect, seems since the bot talks to and about NDC so regularly now that this is the least it can do. So, c'mon bot beast, LOL buddy, LOL.

Also, am headed to the Jade Helm thread to get something down while it's inspired. This, too would sure be nice to hear about, good grief, but this conference has been dreamed of and bot reported before, so we'll see.
"According to The Post, the man jumped from the 24th floor of the Ocean Luxury Residences. He was decapitated after hitting the guardrail by the northbound Battery Park Underpass and landed near a woman's black SUV"

Battery, Killed (killing) and self were in the article and the run.

"Tragic"... my words, not in the run or article.
Whoa, Unioncraftman.....

I got one more lingusitics for your article:

From this run: "Accept Rich Complex Pressure High" Not only was this banker in an apartment COMPLEX, the whole situation was itself COMPLEX. Double meaning. Also, PRESSURE on the banker was HIGH, but also he fell from a HIGH place. The Bot has a magnificent way of getting max information out in an efficient manner.

Well done, I would say this article is a hit!

Continuing on the HUGE hit of WINDY for the Natalie Holloway news, it also shows up here too.
dutch remove killing van stuff nat hide ( Van der Sloot removed Nat after killing her and stuffing/hiding her in a craw space )
2nd time
Is "pew" and "satan" along with any other words, a hit on today's horrid news of the little racist that shot and killed those folks after he sat on a "pew" in the church?

I think so!

Confirmation...."iron" is near top of list where "pew" and "satan" are, and "iron" easily refers to a gun. Then there's "wed" and this happened on Wednesday.

Next are the words "played class." Yes, he did, the alleged shooter sat for an hour during a bible study so he indeed did "play class!" Probably one of the three women shot was a wife, so "killing wife" can be part of this hit too.

It's a big hit and only took 21 days/3 weeks to fullfill.

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