Poll: Will the Greek financial crisis trigger a global financial debt melt-down?
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2015.07.13 Dream: The Banking Earthquake - Dark Secret Hallway
Last dream before waking up in the morning.

Feeling: awe content


I had just been hired by some giant bank institution. (like Goldman Sacks, Vanguard, or JPMorgan Chase & Co.)

It is my first day on the job and I am very excited to be there! I am shown to my office and introduced to all my colleagues. Everyone is very excited to have me there for my capabilities.

Most of them don't do much there. Not only are they bored, they enjoy doing very little on the job and earning a huge pay-check.

The building itself is a new design to maximize efficiency. Instead of elevators, various sections of the building, itself, move up and down to allow easy movement between floors. This design seems like something could go wrong very easily, but everyone tells me, "It's ok, nothing has ever gone wrong."

At my desk, everyone is aloof and oblivious, like they are drunk on something. There is much more going on than meets the eye, given my first day. I am very curious but no one will tell me what is really going on.

I had to go to another floor and the building shifts the floors but my intuition kicks in: Get out! NOW!

I go to my new colleagues and warn them: we have to leave, something is going to happen. My new boss (same as the old boss?) says everything is fine. He says, no need to evacuate... He pushes a button and all kinds of measuring devices, controls, and meters show things in the building and markets are "fine."

So, I just tell him I am going outside. A few others join me but only because I "convince" them to take a break. They want to stay.

I have a difficult time figuring out how to get out and on the way out i find a hidden opaque black glass hallway. In the basement? I don't know for sure because the floors move.

We find the way out and make our way about 200 feet (65 meters) from the buildings complex. We turn around to see the building and wait. Some colleagues light up their cigarettes for their break.

Then the Earthquake hits. It's huge. After 30 seconds, people start streaming out of the buildings into the grassy field before me. Then the ground thrusts big time! All the glass on the outside of the building shatters. We are thrown to the ground and around for many minutes. 5-10 minutes? The car alarms are going off in the parking lot.

Only 10-20% of the people make it out of the building as rumors start circling: Most can't get out- The floors are stuck from damage. Many are harmed inside.

The area is not known for earthquakes, like the mid-west and east coast. It was so unusual to have an earthquake there. totally unexpected.

The black glass hallway is fractured and shattered. The secrets are out.

Then I wake up.
That is an interesting dream. It sure seems to speak about a market crash or banking issue. Greece is thinking about suing Goldman Sacks I believe for their perceived roll in lying about the real money situation Greece had when trying to become apart of the EU to begin with.
I think you are the first to ever make a poll. Congratulations!
Yeah, great job pushing the forum options to the limit! I like polls, but for some reason, despite us having thousands of people coming through the forum per week, not many people like to vote. Hopefully that will change.

As for your dream, the gem I most like is this: "The secrets are out."

After it's too late, the world has crashed, and the secrets come tumbling out of the rubble. However, nothing is left to get the word out (internet gone, iphones no worky, etc.). Maybe the next civilization will dig up these secrets and start a new society without those demanding parasites at the helm. There I go again, more pipe dreams. Smile

Thanks for the dream and the new poll idea! Well done! Smile

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