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First Day of School
This dream might be all day residue, but I record it here for it's 'normalcy.' School starts next week...

I'm sitting in what appears to be a brand new school. It's our first day. I think I remember being in about 4 different classes. All of us know each other, but yet each instructor will read very long introductions for every single student. By the end of the day, we're all looking at each other, rolling our eyes, mimicking what the teach will say (we've heard it all before several times), display behaviors indicated we are bored.

In the last class, the male professor asked everyone if they read chapter 2. Without hesitation, I raised my hand. After I realized that I was the only person who did that, I regretted my decision to lie....I had NOT actually read the assignment! Oh gosh, please don't ask me any questions, please don't ask me any questions, ....

Thank goodness, the professor moves on without asking me questions because several people were complaining about their book not showing up on time.

Of note, I got LOST in the school several times. I found myself late to class because I couldn't navigate the brand new hallways, which were still under construction. I remember one of the students pushing down a banana I was eating because it was so rotten. I said, "Hey, I was eating that." "Oh, sorry."

The non-day residue stuff might include the brand new facility, which was still under construction and the rotten banana....I have had another recent dreams with rotten food.
Um-did you intend to post this in the dreambot run section?
No! LMAO with cherry red cheeks! Okay, it's moved. Thank you Smile

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