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Sanitary Water Shortage
Dreamt I was with my family, unsure of the location. Appeared to be a small/medium sized town. I was offered and took these 5 gallon containers of sanitary water, they were shaped like the rectangular 2 gallon waters jugs you buy at the grocery but they were large 5 gallon. There were supposed to be sanitary and also treated with vitamins and minerals for nutrition. I took around 5 home and told my husband. We have a large family, and he said if there was not yet a run on water to hurry and get more while we could and stay away from crowds. There did not appear to be a shortage on water only on clean water. I went back to the location they were handing out the clean water and people were taking it as fast as they could and running away. I could not get close enough to get more before it was all dispersed. I was standing patiently waiting for another shipment of clean treated water to come in, and a voice in my head told me to ask if there was any of the special treatment left for the water. My husband appeared and told me whoever was handing out the clean treated water was out of the treatment and that all water handed out might no longer be safe, but they would continue to pass out to try to avoid a panic. I went back to my family and told them all to save all water, including washing and cooking water as I knew how to sanitize it without outside help.
Thank you for this dream and welcome to the NDC, smsparkle! Just to be sure, I need to ask: Did you make the September intention for this dream? We'll definitely utilize the dream either way, but just need to know. Thanks again!
Yes I did make the "September intention" before I fell asleep last night. This dream occurred around 4-6am this morning. I just read about the September project the day before last. Will keep doing the "intention" when I remember, thank you :-)
Perfect! Thank you once again for helping us. Our DreamForecasters are feverishly working to try figure out all these dreams. For better or worse, your dream definitely resonates with some of the others that have been submitted.

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