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Climb Out Now
I had almost talked myself out of posting this because it was so dark, but if I'm going to be true to this, I need to buckle down.

I'm driving in a car with my ex. It's nighttime, and we appear to be in an urban setting. He is driving, and we're passing closed gas stations and businesses. He's talking about how his life is going lately, nothing crazy, I don't even remember what was said.

Next thing I know, he has turned down this remote back road, and it's very dark and gloomy, in a swampy setting. We pass what looks like a warehouse or junkyard, and there are several men outside hanging out. They are dirty, and have this air of desperation about them. Not necessarily evil, but I am a bit frightened and I'm glad we pass quickly.

Unfortunately we come to the end of the road, in a dirt parking lot in front of another warehouse. There is a pond on the right side of the car, and it's filthy and has an oily sheen to it. Kind of gleams yellow and green in the light from the warehouse parking lot. We turn around, and next thing I know, we are no longer driving, but walking. My ex gets way ahead of me, and then I realize I'm trapped in a small enclosure with no ceiling. I can see him ahead, but I don't think he can hear me. I am worried about the men we passed, so I start to try and climb out, but everything I touch, mostly bookshelves and small statues and busts for some reason, turn to decayed earth and break apart in my hands. I really can't get caught, so I try to jump up to the top of the wall, when my alarm goes off.
Gosh, DFs, lookie here....another driving dream. More chaos at the wheel! I can't get over this. Also, esholars, doesn't the crumbling statues sort of resemble your Proj Aug dream....I think the one that brought you to the NDC last year?

Thanks for honoring the call, Goldengirl. I think this dream is epic. If not, at least very important to Proj Sept. Thank you!
No, thank you, for the site and support Eagle1!

This dream, while maybe "epic", has left me feeling quite unsettled all day long...
I totally understand. Sorry to have potentially put this dream into your psyche. In other words, the intention of PS might have been the culprit for the dream, and if so, I apologize for making you feel unsettling. Obviously, there is a bigger goal here, but in a way (and individually speaking), this might be viewed as a social experiment. Might need a full disclaimer in future projects like this. Just thinking aloud. Anyway, thank you for going through this with us!
Eagle1 - no worries! It's been great having sounding boards that take it all seriously! I took on PS knowing full well it might not be pretty...and since I've said before my dreams have been kinda dreary lately, I might have been pulling in PS stuff already anyway. Just wanted to let you all know this one was quite impactful!

"Sometimes, nothing less is required than to leap, empty-handed, into the void."

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