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Nuclear Bomb and New life in Europe
*It is highly likely that much of this is day residue since the dreambot run for the 29th was Nuclear Explosion and I was reading through that botruns last night which also have a moving theme.
I was walking round what seemed to be Washington D.C. I hovered high above in the sky and could see Washington D. C. from where I was at, many miles away. There was a feeling apprehension in the air. Suddenly, a nuclear explosion occurred. It looked like it might be near the National Mall.
It was a large explosion, but not a large "nuclear" explosion. It was somewhat like the explosion China had a few weeks ago, but taller and not as wide. Next I was in Europe, near Paris, France. The distance between D.C. and France was more like the distance between the U.K. and France. I was trying to figure out how much radiation I had been exposed too from the explosion. I wandered the European streets realizing I was homeless. I was also a teenager. I began to learn what was surrounding my new neighborhood. I discovered that the French government was going to provide some food and care for the new orphans, of which I was now one it seemed. I was unsure if I should identify myself as one or not. Another orphan I knew was just over the age of 18 and would not be allowed any help. It seemed unfair a few months difference in age would change how we were treated. We were hungry and needed new clothes.
Ok. ..another Chinese explosion. Not nuclear, but that is 3 now???

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