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Labor Arrested
Those words been together in 4 recent dreamt runs. In all four, the 2 words are next to each other. This is HIGHLY unusual, 4 days next to each other. In France starting around February, labor began striking across the country due to labor law reforms. The strikes are coming from energy/oil gas/ electric/transportation including rail and air. They continue to grow.

SO, is this just continued day residue? At first I thought so, but now I am not so sure. It appears things are heating up, not slowing down. Euro 2016 (football/soccer) is going to take place throughout France over a month this summer. There are major concerns about how people will get to France is the Air France strikes ( Air France strikes are not related to the other strikes) and rail strikes continue and increase. Also, oil strikes are anticipated to harm the country Further disrupting Euro 2016.

Wider implications of the striking, protests and unrest have to do with the perception of the EU itself and the growing resistance to it's policies. This is actually BIG news!
"The EU, as well as the Eurogroup, imposes specific methods of governance and a rigid disciplinary framework on its members. As a result France, no longer able to devalue, can only restore competitiveness with less expensive wage policies. Governments in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece are headed in the same direction.
The movement is a call for greater sovereignty against measures that, more and more, appear dictated from the outside. Today, the target is a social issue; tomorrow, protests will no doubt take aim at monetary policy regime imposed by the euro."

Look for this issue to dominate the headlines over the next month and likely beyond.

labor arrested is at the top of the run (next to dorm)

labor arrest together again surrounded by the following words (notice electricity)
fragment dark labor arrested sorry attached electricity

trade gab booth sick funny blank happen dorm labor arrested thanks

arrested labor difficult seemingly attempt eaten
Here is more to support those bot runs TB9
jobs/labor going down the drain-
“Over and above the usual 5% annual cuts. HSBC and others globally also.”
“mature economy/wage pressures dynamic- down shifting hiring and health of economy- Fed rate hikes”
“A record 94,708,000 Americans were not in the labor force in May …Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday…some of them retiring and some just quitting because they can’t find work.”
I find it interesting that FRANCE is the epicenter of Labor Arrested, at least so far. Europe just happens to be one of the big predictions from Baba Vanga, the legendary modern day Nostradamus. And if she is correct, then the US will be affected in another way.....

One of her predictions in 1989 was that the 44th US president would be black....and he would be last US president...
Big thanks for mentioning this Baba lady, as she's one I hadn't heard of and dig having someone new to keep an eye on that's got a verified track record.
"One of her predictions in 1989 was that the 44th US president would be black....and he would be last US president..."
I've heard that too Eagle 1 only termed as the "last black pope".
Not a good time to be employed in the retail clothing industry right now.
Pink Slips.
The UK has voted to leave the EU:

The pound is already taking a pounding(bad pun intended. Sorry) on this news. There will be much pearl-clutching and fainting couch usage as the ramifications of the vote begin to settle into Europe as a whole.

What's really interesting is it appears Scotland voted to remain in the EU. Speculation is abounding at to whether this means the UK is breaking up as Scotland remains while the rest of the UK leaves.
Labour Party IS in fact arrested in UK. They Supported the REMAIN view of Brexit

Other Brexit memes
This is an incredible connection that Twice has been covering since the meme started. Thank you TB9!!

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