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Prediction Huge Drug Bust coming for heroin trafickers?
Another strange visit to the Dream Lodge. Song, "A Horse with No Name" played in the background. usual dark stepped surroundings. Dark shiny but translucent/semi sheer black curtain with gold trim. Faceless men in lodge regalia wandered about singing along with the song's lyrics. A Jockey appears from behind the curtain but part of his uniform is like an RCMP's Uniform. Pictures flash from behind the curtain showing race tracks, dead horse, what looks like a broken long tube/bag What look like Poppy Fields. Rooms filled with bags of money guns drugs. There are then two Jockeys, one in a biz suit with FBI blazer the other still as an RCMP guy They sing the Guess who song, No Sugar ... Weird can only guess it has to do with what an Inmate working for me  told me years ago when I worked at a Penitentiary., about the Race Track and Drug Culture he encountered and why he was locked up. Really weird dream had it a couple of times already   Huh Huh

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