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10/17/14 Epic Dawn (from the Captain?)
"The Carnival Magic, which can carry 3,690 passengers and 1,367 crew, stopped in Belize but the country's coast guard was deployed to prevent anyone, including the captain, from disembarking."

Why is this important? Because the dreams told us this in the top grouping for today's DreamBot run! The only word that doesn't really belong is "beer," but I'm sure that will come to light soon, too. Ebola can travel nicely on a beer glass or beer bottle, can't it?

We also have the collective saying thank you for the Barry monster in handcuffs (see the big bombshell linguistics breakthough based on this story... )

So why is Barry back at it again? My gut was telling me from the beginning that this rabbi story has more news coming out of it. I know these pervs don't act alone, and I personally believe there are some really important people that should be included in this case. This is what the collective is telling us I think.

Also things to think about:
1. Drinks look like the next shoe to drop (behind the big food contamination issue)
2. People hunting for silver.....but only mildly???? Huh?
3. Warning in group 3: This might be suggesting a transformation in consciousness, and physical brain changes will be detectable. This is worthy of investigation, and may also be related to the "Epic Dawn."


Text version
10/17/2014    %Change from Ave    % Change from Yesterday

scanning    102.5%    1200.0%
defies    92.3%    1000.0%
captain    61.3%    1000.0%
nope    79.2%    900.0%
epic    53.8%    900.0%
dawn    71.8%    500.0%
beer    129.7%    425.0%
guardian    185.6%    400.0%
tea    153.3%    400.0%
signal    96.5%    400.0%
royal    101.1%    366.7%
barry    208.1%    350.0%
thanks    88.9%    350.0%
response    77.2%    275.0%
traffic    87.7%    260.0%
tries    117.8%    250.0%
joined    73.6%    225.0%
mild    49.6%    225.0%
silver    132.8%    200.0%
curious    89.5%    183.3%
hunt    87.6%    166.7%
hour    152.6%    137.5%
hello    92.7%    128.6%
edit    81.4%    100.0%
brain    100.1%    92.9%
above    59.2%    74.1%
form    85.1%    66.7%
Just checkin' .......

Has anyone else made a water - Ebola connection when it comes to dreams?

P1_05F at
Oh gosh, yeah, I forgot I was going to include a quick blurb about how much of a metaphoric connection there is between the ebola ship and Sherriann's headline about big waves around that cruise ship. Wow!
Just something that amuses me, in my own little world here... I had a dream last night that I won't be putting in the database as it's 90% day residue and it was super short, non-event type of dream. (I've been dreaming in a very unusual manner lately which I'll talk about in another room) but this is quite amusing so I'll share it here...
I had a short dream that I joined a friend for tea, a tall blonde woman (possibly a guide or teacher), who I felt I was close to. I laughed and mentioned that I was getting the "royal treatment" as she was using the antique silver. She said "We might as well have fun with all this old stuff, your Highness, after all, you are royalty! Get it? Royal tea?!?!" And we both laughed. As we sat drinking a fragrant pot of Earl Gray tea and listening to a radio program (signal), I took note again of the tea service and began talking about the possible usefulness of "Colloidal Silver" preparations in the treatment and prevention of Ebola and the newest flu strains. I don't remember the exact content of our discussion but I woke during or directly after it. Now tonight I opened today's Dream Bot post and I had to do a double take at the list of *so many* words that were in my own dream last night!
Hi Rae,

I love it when I see other people tapping in..... Wink

The DreamBase is where all dreams can go, event oriented or not; residual or not.

As long as you feel comfortable airing it in public, in it goes.

Thank you for sharing.
Oh, just a P.S. here and the edit screen isn't co-operating with me at the moment. Te word "Mild Silver" go together as Mild Silver is another term for Colloidal Silver or something similar to it. I'm not an expert on the stuff but reading those two words together rang a bell with me so I just checked it.

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