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Post-apocalypse compound
I was in a crowded compound after some sort of apocalypse. It was surrounded by a wall of corrugated metal. Me and other people were being held there, but I'm not sure why. I thought perhaps they were containing survivors until they were ready to put us to work growing food. Anyway, we heard that a new person was being brought to the compound and that this person had a lot of expensive jewelry. Some of the men in the compound hatched an elaborate plot to steal the jewelry. I was wondering why they would steal jewelry which seemed like a useless thing to have in a post-apocalyptic world. Then I realized that the men were just bored and planning the theft of the jewelry was something for them to do to keep themselves occupied.

Dreamed 7-27-2018

Lovely! Looking forward to this dream not coming true hahahaha! Happy eclipse Smile
Seems like we humans are continuously is a state of near apocalyptic type of existence. Makes me wonder what's stopping it from happening.

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