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1/10/19 Death then Party
Watch the Video Version:
How to CIRF Today’s Influences: The energies are very specific in the next couple of days, as confirmed by both DreamBot (collective dreams) and astrology. The main themes right not in the dreams are: Party/social, Death/damage, and Truth/ideals. These three memes are very prominent in the astrology, so here we go…. On the 11th (Friday) the day is met with depth, obsession, past garbage, etc. It’s a Sun-Pluto conjunction but also a Sun sextile Moon. Pluto is the destroyer, so great time to analyze deeply engrained habits and get them destroyed before they destroy you. Saturday the 12th, is a completely new energy….it starts with Moon trine Venus, so affection, harmony, closeness, relaxation, leisure begin about mid day. And then Moon conjunct Mars trips all of us into LIGHT ON BRIGHT…party mode. Strong, sexy, brave, spirited, especially since our trine is in FIRE! But don’t party too hard and too late because that night in wee early Sunday morning, Mercury conjunct Saturn has you hearing, “You have the right to remain silent.” In other words, it’s ideals and should statements being spewed around in your head. Watch the video for details about how to properly CIRF this energy. It’s a minefield out there folks….return to the CIRF report for reminders on what energy is coming next!

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