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Tsunami/Flood Linguistics Analysis
This in response to an overlap in massive flood memes. One of our dreams is here ( ) and there are others around the internet.


- "Wave" and "Huge" pop up together in the first week of September and then "Wave" remains fairly dormant from then on while "Huge" has some massive volatility. Of course, "Huge" can apply to just about anything, but it was included here to see whether it can be applied to any water memes.

- In our experience thus far, surging lexicon memes tend to come true within about 5 weeks, and thus we have passed that timeframe by about a week.

- "Tsunami" and "Flood" both remain dormant all throughout Sept and Oct, even though other areas of the globe have seen both Flood and Tsunami. Being that most of the dreamers are American, we've already covered the significant trend toward locality in dream precognition. That is, most precognitive dreams come true in the same general viscinity as where the dreamer dreamt the dream.

- Summary, our statistics are not fully matured at this point, but the only real support for a mammoth-sized water-related atrocity would PROBABLY already have happened. One exception would be that some really big events are seen further out, and when that happens, the spike seems slightly less prominent. In this case, "Wave" does seem to fit that bill, although there are no other markers to support that. Therefore, we suggest a 90% chance that no tsunami/wave will occur within the next 7 days on or near American soil. This will not stop "normal" big surfs and storm warnings though. What we're referring to are the ones of biblical proportion.

Dream 10/27/14 (Trapper): (huge wave hits Japan??)
Huge is a word people use for all kinds of things. Wink Take that away and things look pretty normal except for that one hiccup.
What was going on at the beginning of September?
Wormwood crashing into the Atlantic or Pacific is about the only type of thing that is likely to happen in the next seven days. Even as I type such a thing, my sensibilities make me think that this is more unlikely than a chicken with teeth, sorta thing. Yet knowing so many have dreamed horrible tsunamis and Dames says his team has seen what he thinks is wormwood not far from when a pandemic finally hits...horrible, but may be so.

Quick edit in here...Nov. 6 is the full moon. Hmm....the word wave approximately topped 5 weeks before Nov. 6....full moons affect the tides and perhaps quake activity, too. I will just ponder.
Sherriann: "What was going on at the beginning of September? "

There was a spike in consciousness near the front end of September. Many words have that spike, but certainly not all of them. If I remember correctly, the awareness cluster spiked right in that timeframe as well.
Wasn't September when you started this new forum? Did you not do some interviews? Did not more people become aware of this site in that month? That could be your spiking.

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