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7 level observatory
This is the only layer of a multi-layer dream I remember from last night.
I was with a group of students, multiple grade levels, on a evening field trip to an observatory. I believe I was a chaperone. This was a huge building which had some interactive displays. We were there for a special "night sky event". The building had a lot of glass including a glass dome atrium which allowed you to see the stars from the main level. To the side of the atrium was a small elevator which went up seven levels. The elevator looked a little like the Cape Canaveral Space Shuttle lunch structure, but on a smaller scale. I was with a few of the adults on the main level looking at the stars. The mood was of anticipation and the main level had a small reception with drinks and appetizers. The kids were scattered on different levels. Each level had it's own observatory dedicated to each of the different planets. I don't know why there were only seven or which was missing. I do know one was for Saturn. ( I guess you don't need one for Earth and maybe Pluto was still considered a NON-planet. I don't know.)
The Night Sky Event was about to begin and those of us on the main floor all gazed skyward. We didn't really know what to expect but were expecting something to happen. After many minutes and nearing the end of our time there, suddenly there appeared 3 geometric shapes in the sky. One was a solid square, another a solid sphere and the third a cube, not solid. They hovered together for a few minutes and then began darting in different directions. While they hovered I began to wonder what the students were seeing and if the levels they were on would see the objects since there were all pointed at different planets.
As soon as the shapes began to move in different directions I felt the need to get to the kids ASAP. I ran to the Launch like Elevator and impatiently waited for it to arrive on my level. It was only a 2-3 person elevator and this created an issue. Time was critical. I needed to make sure the kids were safe and that they didn't miss the life changing the event.
I woke up before I could find the students.

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