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5/3/15 Red Alert: Filming Class + Barry Missing
I'm sure there may be risk involved since our group isn't the only one with people hunting for info, but I think it's a variable risk too. We've got billions of people on the planet, so the chances that I could be recognised and somehow located I would hope would be small. I suppose it's like the concept of there's always someone out there more skilled than you are, so I can't rule out the chance of being noticed. but the likelihood I'd get noticed I'm not really worried about since I don't go out of my way in dreams to be noticed if I'm doing recon work. I think it'll be fine and I'll give it a shot.

Being lucid in the dreamworld is something you can learn to do with practice. That's what i did when I started out. The key is to be able to recognise, while you are in the dream, that you are actually dreaming without falling out of it. The first time I realised in a dream that I was lucid and in control of the environment to some degree, I made sure to hold onto everything I felt in that first instance and wrote it down so I wouldn't forget. It's like everything is more real than the waking realm, colours and sounds richer and more vivid. I always had subscribed to the firm belief that Reality is what we Make It, so used that in those first dreams to begin to try to change the dream environment, and or my location in it especially is it was a bad dream and I didn't like the people or events in it. Part of what helped me to notice the lucidity is when I'd see events like car accidents involving other people and I was riding along with them, and at the point of impact, I'd get thrown out of dreamstate very abruptly winding up awake. In later instances, I found I could make the jump out long before the point of impact and stay in the dreamstate either watching or going somewhere else completely. Soon I discovered gravity is just an afterthought in the dream too, so I learned how to travel farther and faster in a linear fashion as well as instantaneous non-local fashion too.

Once the initial learning how to function in the dream environment was more or less progressing along, then it was a matter of figuring out the difference between my own personal dreams where I work out issues of the day, vs actually going places and checking out other locations and people, other people's dreams directly. you get a sense after awhile of the people who are non-lucid vs those who are when you are there.

I learned my initial dreaming skills (after the frequency of visions had increased massively) more or less on my own and through reading books. It wasn't until I was about 27 that I had confirmation of my aboriginal ancestry, which explained alot (alot of events then made more sense to me) and I started looking into that side of things more as well. The interesting part of it all is that my son who is 16 is showing all the signs of following in the same path, so at least I can help him along unlike when I was his age going it alone.

(05-05-2015, 02:16 PM)Nanny Wrote: I hope you can!

Is there ever any type of risk to yourself for doing this?

**IF** not....big if, right? well, until I hear from you it is IMO. If not, will you please try to visit some officers in our military that are talking about Jade Helm? Sounds safer than trying to visit the Isis camp that's only eight miles across the border from El Paso, Texas. I'm childlike enough in my wishes to ask, were that not sounding really dangerous, and yet "lucid" is something I've never experienced that I know of.

(05-05-2015, 01:33 PM)Shadewolf Wrote: It does make sense. Now the trick for me will be to see if tonight when dreaming, I can go lucid, find the vision again and jump into it remote-viewing style. If I can do that, I may be able to get more info out of it :-)

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