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5/26/15 MAJOR ANOMALY! Chani with a Red Alert?
Trending:     response form registration overlay event support respond frame ref label project gender select click unlike aug transport sign confirm cancel update element respect parent path story thrown birthday agree parts logged heart male

Waning Dream Words:   basic journal death answer suppose secret wine abstract height kinda toilet important fancy hop crying skydiving town symbol sad basketball teeth interpretation moon meet mild fan type chased dictionary reaction interpret rating rated yet dream

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Speechless. I don’t know what to say.

I certainly don’t want to make mountains out of molehills but we either have a major problem with the dreambot or our request yesterday (which was more of a joke) actually got fulfilled. Yesterday we started the West Coast cataclysm thread and AwakenedDreamer put together some awesome research on how Chani/CERN might be associated with that new meme. So, I playfully added this comment: “Someone want to summon ol' Chani for tomorrow's bot run?“

And now I dare ask…what in the world is going on with the dreambot? First off, it ran super slow. Then when I compiled the results, I nearly spit out my coffee. “Something’s majorly wrong here.” I ran the bot again…..same results. In fact, the wrongness got even more exaggerated. I ran it again….same results.

I troubleshot the system and the target web pages. Nothing looks out of the ordinary…..except for the results. I had to make three pages worth of snapshots because this run has a chance of being really special. I’m trying to recall the highest surge score ever, and was remembering something like 240ish. Today’s highest word: 2479! What is going on?! It was just a day after I finally wrote the “About DreamBot” and mentioned that we’ll always have more words in the text printout section as compared to the results picture. Coincidence that the first time this factoid was disobeyed was the day after I wrote it?

Results: Is Chani in the House?
Starting with Page 1 below, we first notice how many big surges are present. First words out the gate are "Response Form Registration Overlay Event Support." Many people may not realize that I spent a good amount of time transitioning our email subscription system over to our new site. You can see that little blue flag that says, "Free Email Alerts" toward the top of the page. Yes, exactly....that is the "Registration Form!" Then the bot says, "Event Support Respond." Bot approves of the new form and is now responding (but probably responding to my half-hearted request for Chani to speak). 

So that is an interesting start, but something even stranger is present: “Aug” at Group 1. Is this Chani changing his date from May to August?

Group 2 is hazy, but I thought Window might metaphorically mean Veil, something that CERN might completely take down.

Group 5: WHAT? What in the world is 2014 doing here? Is Chani suggesting that the big event is actually in the past? Maybe the big CERN event all went down last Summer and none of us even realized it. Maybe we’re already living in a Black Hole. Twilight Zone anyone?

Group 6 exposes the future Mall terrorist act as a complete joke (non-event portrayed as real).

Group 7 seems to suggest that we look towards a Country that is known for Zebras. Something in Africa?

In Group 8, the little Green men do a Landing and then the Church Died.

In the Biggest Losers, check out MOON. Might Chani have mistaken our dreaming reality with waking reality? Maybe he saw the Moon disappear from our dreams?!!

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:


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