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5/26/15 MAJOR ANOMALY! Chani with a Red Alert?
[quote='Nanny' pid='13792' dateline='1432753919']
About "wealth" am still hoping someone will buy a lotto ticket, but that they'll be sure and TALK about it here in reference to chani. When we talk about things then things happen, so why not try it?!

Uh huh! your system crashed, you got discomfort.
I summoned him and while this huge amount of stuff was being dreamed for the dream-bot to pick up, I was having a, so far very unique, one-of-a-kind night's sleep. (Last night was the opposite, great sleep and very pleasant dream!)

***How, then was your night's sleep last night, after posting the C. Challenge??

Weird night for certain!!!
In the midst of very active dreaming about police and EMT training segments in all cities- a trumpet sounding ring blasted me awake.
I thought it was the phone. The elderly gal I am working with is now on hospice so immediately I thought
it had to do with her. NOPE> asleep, all quiet, lights out.
I poked my head outside into the starry night to see a satellite fly by in quite the erratic path, which I thought unusual. Then the ring happened again!
I was standing by the phone and it was not that and I was by now fully awake running around in pj's.
I have no idea its source.
could not get back to sleep for a couple of hours afterwards.....
fun and tricks-
time to clear yet am using powerful protective energy since the challenge.
I was happy to see some 'good' news after the challenge . Haven't gotten onto the news yet this morning as I've been trying to reset my banking data and other important stuff before getting to work.
I browsed the headline botruns just now and went 'yikes'.
I'll give them a peek then get to work.
Maybe I'll just take a long vacation if that's possible.

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