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Precognitive dream story
Hey everyone! About 9-12 years ago I had a series of lucid precognitive dreams that all have come true, they were very accurate to the events that later happened to me in life. There is one dream that I had about 4 times, every time dreamed it  I had more control over it and therefore I envisioned some different parts of dream and some new parts based on some decisions I made.

The dream started every time on a hill in a forest or a cliff. I was then pulled into the air by some force and was falling about 20-40 meters for about 15 seconds. Then I would close my eyes and open them in a room strapped to a chair and some man (can't remember how he looked but resembled a butcher in black clothes) would cut, break or deform my whole forearms. I would have some dialog with the man and in the 2-4th dream escape half way through or at the start (I just knew where ever thing is and how I can defend myself). Then I would be put in a yellow Hummer car and travel with some special agents that were to protect me from that man. I would travel to locations that were exactly like the places I later visited (Prior to physically being at those places I never seen or knew about their existence). The places were like a stairway in a school in a different country and roads with shops. Basically places in a town in which I now live abroad.

Those places were so accurate in my dreams that I guided my parents around that town when I first visited it after realizing that I've seen it in my dreams. Every time that I escaped with less harm done by that man, the shorter the dream was. I don't know if that initial "sacrifice" had to be the cause of the precognitive dreams stopping or getting shorter. All the precognitive dreams I ever had required some "sacrifice" from me and if I didn't get hurt the dream would never occur again.  Huh

I know this sounds weird but I looked for some answer for long time and if anyone would be able to explain the meaning of this or guide me to some articles or topics I would be very thankful!

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