Poll: Will the Greek financial crisis trigger a global financial debt melt-down?
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Greece is the trigger
3 33.33%
Puerto Rico is the trigger
0 0%
China is the trigger
2 22.22%
Greece is contained but not resolved
4 44.44%
The Greek financial crisis is resolved
0 0%
Total 9 vote(s) 100%
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2015.07.13 Dream: The Banking Earthquake - Dark Secret Hallway
Yeah, great job pushing the forum options to the limit! I like polls, but for some reason, despite us having thousands of people coming through the forum per week, not many people like to vote. Hopefully that will change.

As for your dream, the gem I most like is this: "The secrets are out."

After it's too late, the world has crashed, and the secrets come tumbling out of the rubble. However, nothing is left to get the word out (internet gone, iphones no worky, etc.). Maybe the next civilization will dig up these secrets and start a new society without those demanding parasites at the helm. There I go again, more pipe dreams. Smile

Thanks for the dream and the new poll idea! Well done! Smile

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