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Search Feature (basics + advanced)
The NDC's new website is fully searchable and located here:

Most of the functions are relatively self-explanatory. For example, if you know that the item you are searching for is in the Public Dreams forum, then you can select that in the second section of the search form called "Search in Forum(s)." Someone wanting to see bananas in just the dreams should type "banana" in the first form field, click on Public Dreams in the "Search in Forum(s) field, and then click search at the bottom.

If you're wanting information from two or more forums, you can press 'ctrl' + left mouse click on the forums you are interested in searching.

Searching for MULTIPLE WORDS
If you want to search for two or more separate words or If you are getting an enormous amount of hits on your search and want to narrow it down, you can conduct an advanced search like this:

1. Use the same search form from before.
2. In the search field, type individual words like this: xx AND yy AND zz, where xx, yy, and zz are individual search words.
For example, I remember a DreamBot run that had Rock and Balcony in it, and I want to find it. In the first field, I type 'rock AND balcony' (without the quotations). Voila, the results indicate a single DreamBot run with both Rock and Balcony in it:

Note: If you have found more tidbits about the search form that have helped you out, please share those ideas here. If you have any specific questions about the search form, you are welcome to do that here

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