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A Cold House with Animals
The animals in the house with the rain reminded me of Noah's Ark.
I love what DLP wrote about preparation and a weather change.
(08-27-2015, 10:03 AM)Eagle1 Wrote: I regret not having made the Proj Sept intention, but recently I've been slipping back out of dream recall. This morning was different.

I find myself in the SW corner of a really really big house. I'm on the exterior of the house; wife is asking me cordially if I would like to paint the house. I say no, and I stated that we had many other higher priorities to do.

I suddenly found myself in the middle of the house. It was HUGE, but it was also unfinished and had lots of big rocks on the floor. Furthermore, it felt like a hillside because the rock floor sloped downward toward the West.

I look over and see a full-grown white tiger cleaning his paws because apparently he had just consumed an animal. I look around....there are bulls, antelope, and other wild creatures in the house. I noticed they all were having a very difficult time walking on the rocks. I wasn't scared of the animals until I saw one that looked like a mix between a bull and an elk. It was huge. What kept me from worrying was that this animal couldn't charge at me because he couldn't walk on the rocks (but I could).

I remember a small room where one of my kids was sitting, trying to stay warm. It looked more like a telephone booth. This is when I noticed that everything was wet. It must be raining...but why is everything wet on the INSIDE of the house? I saw that this glass room was going to be a breeding ground for mold.

Dream ends.

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