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Huge News for the Project September Red Rock/ Water meme
(09-29-2015, 10:58 AM)Eagle1 Wrote: You all want to know what the travesty is? The typical mainstream person was fed the idea that calamity was going to change everything this month, so obviously, most people assume that nothing has changed (since calamity never happened). The true calamity is that only a small percentage of people are seeing just how the world changed. It IS big, but hardly anyone noticed. Amazing! Thus, the beauty of our dream projects. IMHO, Project September was pretty much equal to the wildly successful Project August. But taking DLP's excellent observation, us DreamForecasters have a LOT of work to do.....we have to figure out the final lynchpin of more detailed forecasting. So hard to do, but we do have to acknowledge that our foot is at least inside the door frame at this point. Door is just barely cracked, and the light is peeping out. I'm ready to bust the door down!! Smile

This is a bit of repetition but I feel it needs to be repeated because it is that darned important.

Your observation also highlights something we need to consider, Eagle: People tend to interpret words/events/etc. based on their own experiences, biases, and beliefs. Those who expected something terrible to happen interpreted information they received as indicating something terrible would happen. Same for those who didn't expect something terrible to happen(They're out there. They just don't make as much noise).

One of the "skills"-for lack of a better word at the moment-I've had to learn in regards to my path as a messenger is to just give the message without any interpretation, because when I insert my interpretation into the message, that changes the message. It also is a reflection of my ego instead of being a message for another. It isn't up to me to make sense of the message for a person. It's their message to interpret, not mine. They will do with it as they will. I'm just the delivery system. Big Grin

I think that's something we need to keep in mind with the messages Bot gives us. Yes, there's a level of interpretation that needs to occur because some of those word strings really don't make any sense but we need to remove as much of our personal interpretive biases as possible. Bot may have as many positive, seemingly random, sometimes off-the-wall messages as it does SHTF messages. Our task, as I see it, is to simply pass along the messages without inserting our interpretive biases and let the readers interpret them as they will. We're just the delivery systems.

Could we have discovered the Mars story earlier? I've been doing some reading and apparently the basis of the news story that's out now is a study that was done in 2011 so it's a possibility. However, that would require people to scour past and current topics until they found a story that met the parameters of a word run. I don't know about you but that strikes me as being a full-time job or more.

There has to be something we're missing, something/some way that would allow us to pass along information without it being such a slog through the search engines. Are we so busy looking for individual trees that we're missing the overall forest? Or thinking we have to plant the trees for there to even be a forest? And Bot is banging it's little cyberhead against what passes for walls because it's being as plain as it can be given what it has to work with. This is like two people who speak different languages trying to find a common ground for communication. We're learning how Bot communicates using the words in the dreams and Bot is learning how to work with our limitations. All this will take time, patience, and trust as we gain a better understanding of how the whole botrun thing operates.

LOL-as I'm typing this I'm reminded of two constant lessons I'm here to learn: Patience and trust. I'm not good at either, which is why I keep having to redo lessons on both. Tongue

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