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CameTrue turkey and russia
I hope your move goes well AD! Keep in touch!

Happy Thanksgiving!

(11-25-2015, 11:33 PM)*AD Wrote: As I said- this has nothing to do with Turkey celebration on Thanksgiving-
Happy thanksgiving to all.

Seems these bot runs are becoming more accurate------

November 3 post-
"like a yeast dough rising up out of a bowl so does this story"-
"heads up
if we see 'turkey' in the runs for november it may not be thanksgiving-
Turkey is a key country with all of this chaos over there. "

I think this bot run is doing both- talking to Twiceblessed AND a 2 (two our favorite) event that 2B9 calls a hit. Riddle time.

I'm sticking my neck out as my hairs are up on the back of that neck and calling it-
Explosion in Turkey that gets world attention targeted for Russia.

outa here
relocating shortly-
unknown horizons...
I will always be P2 -ing

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