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Hand of God a star needing an opposer
Not sure why I chose this intention, but it was to be able to remember my most important past life events.

In my dream, I was in some sort of conference. Many people were discussing what was going to happen. It was noted that the Chinese had discovered the "Hand of God", which was a star that was to pass through the solar system. It was noted that if there was no opposer, it was a negative .26 survival possibility (less than zero), and that there was no chance of creating any technology that could stop this. The opposer would need to be an equally large celestial body. As this was transpiring I woke up thinking "huh, what?".

Notes: "Hand of God" was not referring to a positive or negative as near as I can tell. More like an "act of God" that it was coming. Opposer meant some other sort of celestial body that could pull the star away from the solar system, not in the sense of Satan being some sort of deliverer. I tried to get back into the dream after I woke up, but was unable to. Given the intention I have no idea of when I was at. This didn't seem like a metaphorical dream - this was more of a replay. I haven't seen any planet-X/Niburu stuff recently to be day residue, I've been busy with work.

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