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During surgery
DLP, very interesting ... thank you for posting.  I remember going in for surgery as a teenager and being quite afraid that the anesthesia would not work, and I'd never fall asleep.  That is when the anesthesiologist chuckled and said, well that is not what most people fear; most people fear that they will not wake up.  I told her, I never worried about waking up, just going under and staying under.  She must have given me a extra dosage, because when I was in recovery, I had the worst nausea of my life.

I sense this was a demon who tried to take you.  The fact that you weren't afraid, helped.  Though you did end up yelling for help, and I imagine because at some point of this being dragging you further into the darkness, your spirit sensed, this is not good.

The presence of the AA Michael too, indicates strongly to me that it was a demon.  In Scripture, Paul writes of the "sword of the spirit," and that is what you saw with Michael.  His sword is literally containing the power of the Holy Spirit, and so no demonic force (even Satan himself) can defy that.  Satan and his demons only have the strongest power over us with their lies and deception, and when we believe those lies.  By the grace of God, you did not, and thus, you are still with us today.

When Howard Storm died as an atheist, he was shocked to still be "alive" in the spirit while "dead" in the body.  He describes leaving his room in the hospital, walking into the hallway, and seeing dark presences coming towards him.  He knew, this was not good at all, and he felt helpless.  He vaguely remembered a song from his childhood, and started to sing the tune, "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so."  The moment he started to sing, the group of demons coming towards him began to slow down, and then, they turned around and left him.  He then continued with his NDE, seeing the light instead, and then knew that he had to return (and completely change his life).  He became a minister, and remains so to this day.

These EHEs sure do teach us, don't they, but also leave us speechless too.

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