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Healing past life dreams (outside source)
(Health Secrets) Each of us can learn to use our dreams and past life memories for healing (emotionally and physically) and for growth (mental, emotional and spiritual). It is possible to work with past life memories on your own, without a therapist. This can be a challenge, but here some techniques are provided.

Dr. Morris Netherton, teaches that past life therapy is effective for healing present life issues, and for certain cases of anxiety, obsessive/compulsive behavior, post-traumatic stress, fears, phobias, and health issues such as asthma and chronic pain. He says the past life is anything that is not this very moment. The therapist’s function is as a facilitator as the client consciously tells his remembered story. The point is to be aware and heal the emotional programming of the story.

For Netherton, the relationship between the physical brain frequency and the function of mind and emotion is central to understanding why past life therapy is so effective.

Understanding brain wave activity

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