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Hello Members
Hello to all;
 My name for all intense and purpose is DreamerOracle. I am a British guy nothing out of the ordinary, wife, kids, a carpenter by trade etc. etc. apart from my clairsentience which I keep on the down low in comparison to most.

I have been a life long sensitive and precognitive person. I decided when life stopped getting in my way to develop and study my own precognitive talents and there limits... so far I have realised there isn't any, forwards or backwards, personal or impersonal neither time or space are barriers to what I have come to understand is a quantum phenomenon working within the Neurons of the brain, working untethered in the unconscious mind beyond the speed of light (my own theory) due to the nature of my Precognitive Dreams, flashes of images, sounds, events and experiences. I have even started to experience them more frequently during my waking daydream states, seeing people entering the room before they actually did and detailing what they would be wearing when they entered or arrived... It became a bit disturbing when one day while I was preparing a meal for my family, I was having a deep thought about Life and Living... What makes the difference between certain types of life at the subtle level?.... Now I was thinking, not saying... My wife entered the room and said, "The Soul"... out of the blue, I asked her why she had said it? She did not know why but knew she had... At this point I decided to take a year off... that and an email I received from a Tory Minister thanking me for my services regarding one of my precogs I posted on social media before the annual budget... Pensions. Even offered me money... they can stick it! So I have been keeping it on the down low for a bit, that is unless I have the odd unscheduled precog which happens quite often.

I apologise in advance for any errors, I have an IQ of 150 but I'm seriously dyslexic and remembering gramma and spelling is a bind :-)

Thank You... Later

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