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How to inquire about 'dream occurrance' credit?
Awesome thread guys, despite the apparent conflict that may have ignited. I think everyone here has so many great perspectives that I will be including on this site going forward. First off, let me say that the NDC has always been run by volunteers from its inception. We don't have any profits and we don't even accept monetary donations. Thus, at the very outset, we told the world that although we didn't want people to be solely responsible for their dreams come true, that is exactly what we expected of all our dreamers. That being said, I used to have a form that dreamers would fill out which would help guide them through the correct format of a "precognition trophy." The old WordPress format crashed and so I had to take down the form. At that time, my life was in complete shambles, losing the relationship I had built for 17 years. Suffice it to say that I have not had time to build a new form.

Until that time, I agree with Windy's suggestion to send your request for scoring to her. In other words, if you think your dream came true, then go to the dream scoring page in the about section and attempt to score your dream before submitting to Windy.

Hopefully soon I will create a new form for you all to submit your dreams come true. Once approved, the dream and headline will be submitted into the trophy case with a clear explanation of the score. Dreamer receives the amount of reputation points equivalent to the score they recieved.

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