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Medical School Dream, 7/16/16, am
Start of Dream. I am in a room with tall round tables and chairs. The student's are being paired up for a project. Everyone is studying to become a doctor. The teacher tells me, you have a new partner so I say fine where is he. She turns to a young man and says, here he is. We say hello and I say, I need to walk outside for a few minutes. The teacher says fine, so my class partner and I walk outside of the building. I ask my partner if he is happy with his choice of a class partner and with the class. He smiles and says, yes I am thrilled. I say, good then so we will work very well together. We walk back into the classroom and everyone goes to their table and opens their laptops. End of Dream.

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Medical School Dream, 7/16/16, am - by Cassandra - 07-16-2016, 08:54 AM

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