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The End of Queen Elizabeth's Reign
What?-I predict the Queen of England will no longer reign.
When? -September will see an announcement of her death or abdication.  If an abdication, the actual change of power may occur later. She may be simply setting the stage for the abdication.
Who?-Queen Elizabeth, Monarch or The United Kingdom

From the 9-1-16 bot run-
The words Aug and Queen are together and the words King and September are together.  Not only are King and September together, they are the first and second words of the botrun.
monster staff broken -Her reign has been incredibly long and her Sceptre  is a staff.  The "breaking of her sceptre" could be seen as the ending of her throne.
had been break activity - she is currently on holiday at her castle in  Scotland.
last teeth success hug clock- this could be speaking of her last days in as monarch. If she abdicates, it might be to spend her last days without the stress as Monarch.  If she passes away, the hugging of a clock is showing us she has limited time left.
kid up totally continue - her child succeeds her.
gold sun- perhaps the setting of the sun on her reign or referencing her golden reign in general

Indications from other sources- Mentioned in a post today, September 2nd, World Wide Predictions predicts Queen Elizabeth will abdicate her throne. The timing of this prediction is important as our bot run was only the day before the WWP prediction. This overlap of messages by only 1 day, indicated to me the need to focus on this message. We often will have overlapping messages with WWP. .  The case about the Queen was  strong on our botrun alone however, because many related references on the theme were contained in our run.

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