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An intentional dream answered
Big Grin 
Sometime between 21-25 October2017, I don't remember the exact date.

Intention set: I developed a health issue while I was away, one that concerned me enough to think I needed to be seen as soon as I returned, so I asked to be shown if the issue was major/not and if I needed to deal with it ASAP.

I'm in the back of a red pickup truck which is barreling down an unpaved road through fairly scenic country(At least what I could see of it through the dust and as it blurred along. No kidding, the truck was moving ). The cab of the truck has one of those windows that open in the back of the cab and I've got one arm inside the cab to hold me in place as the truck bounces along as fast as the driver can manage. The driver is a man with dark hair, someone I don't recognize. His attention is fixed on the dirt road. I yell to him that I need to get to a hospital, that I need to see a doctor. He retorts that there's nothing wrong with me, that I'm fine, and we don't have time to waste having me go to a doctor to be told nothing is wrong with me. I protest but he cuts me off and tells me we have too much to do and to stop worrying because I'm fine and I'll be fine.


I'd say I got my answer. Big Grin

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