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Military man sleeping outside of home
I dont recall exact time of this dream only that it was shortly before Christmas. 

I wake up in unknown surroundings, a bedroom that is mine. Large windows...there is a military man sleeping outside next to the wall. I remember feeling that it was right, this is where he chooses to sleep. 
My dream self is good with this. However, my conscious self is conflicted. I recall my conscious self wondering why he dont sleep inside, if hes comfortable.
This was part of a much larger dream that sadly I dont remember much of now. 
I can assure you he wasn't homeless, he was ok, he was military...this was his duty. 
I didnt think to record it here until moments ago I read the need a coffee pot dream and was surprised at the similiarity so figured I best share though I havent a clue what it means.

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Military man sleeping outside of home - by Maysea - 01-09-2018, 02:04 AM

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