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3-day conflict
I am in a large house.  My sister is with me.  I see a Fox Sparrow in the dining room.  It sees me and immediately flies up to me, landing on my hand.  I am surprised and pleased.  It is one of my favorite birds.  Next, I see another small bird trapped in the house, which resembles a golden-crowned kinglet.  I let it outside.

Next, I am in a biology classroom in a university, with students and their instructor.  I am a visiting observer.  The instructor pulls me aside, and shows me the instructional materials used to help students prepare for a national exam.  She mentions that she teaches students about artifacts.  I reply that it is important that students learn about artifacts as there is always a question on the exam about them.  I sit with some of the students at one of their lab tables.  I notice an antiquated light structure in one small area of the ceiling, but otherwise, it is a modern classroom.

The students are given active exercises to work on.  I try one out.  It is an exercise based on a 3-day military conflict.  I am walking down a stairwell as I work on it.  I can see the names of the places on the paper, but cannot remember now.  Some officers or students in the US Navy show up and are interested in what I am doing. As I wake, I have a sense that Russia has better ships or weapons in its Navy than we do. 

Comments:  Fox Sparrow is like a totem for me, so it alerted me to pay attention.  I teach biology.  Under the microscope, tissue artifacts can look like real structures (e.g., vein) but are residues of tissue processing (not real).  The national exam had initials, like many national exams do, but there is not one for University biology at this time.  Possibly in the near-future.  I rarely dream of military stuff.

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