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Prediction Doomsday
Hello Everyone

Yesterday I had an array of dreams so I will post them as I got them in order...

1. Garbled dream images of Theresa May at that moment trying to word a resignation letter(It was like I was watching her process and how she was creating a speech and visualising it to happen outside no.10 but like I said seemingly garbled and confused.

Then there was this no.2 in every which way (pardon the pun) A number 19_ _ days to Doomsday...... Last two digits were unclear. Now, this could also be some movie plot I happen to see 19_ _ days in the future or the number mentioned in a doomsday movie plotline but when taken with my recent seemingly quite negative dreams regarding America collapse, UK politics and terrorism etc. etc. etc. It really wouldn't surprise me, Venezuela for instance and another American illegal war for oil.

A Clock Sometime after this date but days maybe months after not years. :-(... At this point I'm hoping its a movie I catch.

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