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Time Loops
Recently I've been reading a book, Real Magic, by scientist Dean Radin. There is a section where he discusses future events that cause an event in the present which causes the future event to happen. It's one of those mind boggling time loops, sort of like the theme in the Terminator movies, or the 12 Monkeys movie. I dream of Timothy, a local musician and song writer, who has a following in the Pacific NW. In the dream Timothy sings a song about the killing off of the buffalo herds and the murder of the Indian tribes. This song is terribly sad. Tim is singing the song at a small outdoor event where some American Indians are present, and who come up to him afterwards and thank him for the song. This song was so moving that I awoke crying. It is the only time in my life that I have awoken crying from a dream.
 Although I did not know Tim well at the time I approached him one evening at the tavern we both frequented and told him the dream. He said little but a few days later he told me that he had been in severe writer's block for a while, and after hearing my dream, he went home and staying up all night wrote the song, called The Buffalo Song. Months later he told me he'd sung the song at small gathering in Oregon where some Indians were present. They came to him afterwards and thanked him for the song.
 Now if the only thing that had happened was Tim went home and wrote the song, I think a skeptic of these matters could rightfully say: Well, your dream caused your friend to write the song, end of story. But the real confirmation here is the Indians coming up to him at a venue as seen in the dream. I feel that this event in the future somehow was supposed to happen, and I was, oddly, an intermediary in its unfolding in reality. Also the vividness and power of the dream was the feeling I always get from psi dreams. Interesting after-comment: On Tim's first cd, is the song which is listed as "The Buffalo Song (for Richard)"

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