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Not sure it is even important or the site is really active..

So I stopped at a gas station to fill up with gas, had a conversation with a foreigner of some sort. I left then we were comparing our cherries from our mountain trees. Mine was a little behind the ripeness of his, but they were both bountiful and the flavor of mine was developing well, but behind his.

fast forward and I am in an urban setting. the cherry tree is there and bountiful. Then an apple tree is next to it and loaded. An apple had fell on the ground, I picked it up with a child and said we can make apple sauce with some, saying I need a picker to get them down. Then they start to fall out slowly. On hits my son/younger self in the head. There are so many apples in the tree one could never complete the task of using them all.


I wonder if it is symbolic of the tree of knowledge, I have been pondering recently, as the older individual in the dream seemed like a holy man. The tree had so many apples, almost like information I dive into (as opposed to just living at times) and from my recent thinking my thoughts probably are not right and I could never understand everything as I somtimes try and do.

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