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12/13/14 Apocalypse spurs Chinese Advice
Hey, we each get our various hunches that prove right. That's why we make a great team, like being parts of a body. I've always dug that analogy. I'm happy to just be the little toenail, okayyy...corny comments done, sorry. ahem...

Christmas, yes! didja read Drudge's headlines today? The SONY hackers promise a Christmas present and it's written about as if it's seriously huge. Okay, I had never considered the word "apocalypse" in this way. Information Apocalypse? Works for me. (I wish Snowden would bring one forth about those bringing transformation)

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RE: 12/13/14 Apocalypse spurs Chinese Advice - by Nanny - 12-15-2014, 12:21 AM

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