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12/27/14 Bland
Still in a lull.  Although I would have expected us to resolve it by today, it still looms. Flower ticks higher from yesterday, making me think there’s something growing about this word (still not at alarm levels yet). Since we’ve seen linguistic successes with noise-level movements, that makes Group 1 potentially significant “Figuring chrome mark education challenges.”

The surge scores, as you can see, drop off quickly, but notice the very top of the list versus the very bottom: Days vs Day. Now that seems particularly strange, especially that their respective surge scores are nearly mirror images of each other!

On the negative side of things, Sky Bomb appears just above where Dogs are Holding in their farts!


UP Words:     days pastor fri view layer flower job urine salad figuring chrome mark education challenges had held dreams who auto million

DOWN Words:   cute fell false keep meet might word sky bomb dogs holding wind stone begin zebra maybe fly shop day  

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