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NDC Forecast for 2015: Annual Predictions
Isn't Ano right on time for a new currency per a false flag this summer of our banks being hacked? Oh!....drumroll....there's just got to be some Ano and or daily bot runs that point to NSA officially, per Patriot Act supposedly doing much less spying. Do I believe they really stopped today?

How many people did they furlough? LOL bleep no I don't believe it, especially with true subversives in power! But....

with the thankfully official law being expired, we are in more danger of a false flag anytime. They'll do it to say "see! blame the side of the aisle that wraps itself in the constitution, etc! blame them....and in the pain and shock of whatever the false flag is....a lot of folks around us will be begging for more surveillance than ever before.

Meanwhile, will there really be extractions of the most vocal patriots during Jade Helm, also using this lack of Patriot Act being on the books to do this, too? Hitler started a fire then blamed the Jews? man, I don't memorize history, I read it, etc.


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